Committed to being partners, neighbors and stewards

When we join a community, we proactively engage with landowners, community leaders, elected officials, and local organizations to identify and address their experiences, goals, and concerns. We understand that along with the benefits our facilities bring, they also bring change. We strive to make those changes positive.

Local Benefits

We seek to hire locally and bring long-term benefits to our communities by contributing to the tax base and supporting local initiatives. We become partners and neighbors. Our renewable energy facilities also bring significant indirect economic benefits through revenues added to local service industries and the influx of activity during construction and operations.

Respecting Land and Culture

We want our facilities to help sustain and protect every community we join. We are industry leaders in taking steps to preserve environmental and cultural resources in and around our sites. We are privileged to have built close relationships with indigenous peoples and partner with them on several of our projects. We work together to ensure that their traditions and heritage are respected and preserved while their communities enjoy the benefits that renewable energy offers.


Henvey Inlet First Nation

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Chief Wayne McQuabbie describes how the Henvey Inlet Wind Facility will transform their First Nation and bring their small progressive community upwards of $15 million a year.


A Healthy Ecosystem

Our facilities operate in diverse environments – from deserts to farmland and mountain tops – on both private and public lands. We consider each site holistically, from the vegetation to the wildlife, and we work to not only to sustain the habitats, but often to improve them.


By the Numbers

We estimate that we will contribute nearly $2 billion directly into local communities in the United States and Canada over the life of our currently operating facilities through tax payments, landowner royalties, and community contributions. It is a part of our commitment to being a strong long term partners to the communities in which we develop and operate.

As our renewable energy footprint and positive economic impact expand throughout North America, we’re also reducing the negative impact of fossil fuels across the lands.

We track the carbon dioxide emissions avoided and water conserved by the clean energy we generate at each facility compared to coal-fired generation

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