Pattern Canada

Canada’s largest operator of wind power

Pattern Canada is the country’s largest operator of wind power with more than 1,800 MW of wind power installed across the nation. 

We are based in Toronto and operate ten wind facilities located in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and British Columbia. Construction of these facilities involved approximately 4,300 Canadian workers and more than 120 managers and technicians are operating and maintaining the sites today.
Our facilities are investing more than $25 million into Canada’s economy every year through property taxes, landowner royalties, and community benefit programs. The community benefit programs are contributing millions of dollars to local initiatives, as well as to environmental, educational, and indigenous causes.
Some examples include South Kent Wind funding substantial upgrades to the local municipal airport; Meikle Wind contributing annually to the Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark; Grand Renewable Wind donating to the local Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge; and Armow Wind providing annual educational scholarships to Historic Saugeen Mètis students. 

tubine icon.png1,829 MW of installed wind capacity


houses.pngGenerates electricity equal to the needs of nearly 600,000 homes each year


dollar-icon.pngContributes more than $25 million annually to local economies


cars off the road.pngCompared to coal-fired generation, prevents more than 5.5 million tonnes of CO2 being emitted into our air each year – the equivalent of taking more than 1.1 million cars off the roads.

water saved.pngCompared to coal-fired generation, conserves enough freshwater to meet the needs of more than 140,000 Canadians every year

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Pattern Canada is the largest operator of wind power in Ontario. We operate seven wind facilities in Ontario totaling nearly 1,400 megawatts of installed capacity that injects approximately $20 million into the provincial economy every year.

hard hats.png3,300+ people were involved in constructing our Ontario projects and approximately 100 managers and technicians are operating and maintaining them today

95%+ of the workforce constructing and operating the projects are Ontarians, and the facilities use local components, including turbine towers made in Windsor with Ontario steel and blades made in Tillsonburg.

Our Canadian Roots


Energy for generations

In 2010, the St. Joseph Wind facility in southern Manitoba was our first Canadian wind project to enter construction. The wind facility now stands as a symbol of what a community can accomplish with vision and determination.

The shape and orientation of the St. Joseph valley – together with its high prevailing winds – provided the ideal conditions for generating wind energy. The St. Joseph community recognized this potential and organized a wind energy committee to advocate for a wind project in early 2000.

Today, St. Joseph is not only known as Bean Town for its rich agriculture, but it also hosts the largest wind facility in Manitoba and is a major contributor of green energy to the province. Aside from providing an inexhaustible resource, our facility strengthens the local tax base and helps improve St. Joseph’s schools and emergency services. For local farmers, the facility provides a new, steady income.

Since that time, we’ve grown to nine operating wind facilities in four provinces, providing more access to clean, reliable energy and a sustainable source of revenue to communities across the country.

Community Benefits

Committed to making lasting positive impacts

Pattern Canada’s community benefit programs are contributing millions of dollars to local communities and to environmental, educational, and indigenous causes. Our programs are supporting important initiatives that are having a real, lasting impact on communities across Canada.

Our South Kent Wind (SKW) facility partnered with the Chatham-Kent Community Foundation to establish the SKW Community Fund to provide grants to local causes for generations to come.

Now in its fifth year, the SKW Community Fund has distributed more than $1 million in grants to the local region.

The SKW Community Fund enabled the Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent to build a larger, more accessible facility to better accommodate its growing patient population, which has increased over 1,000% since its original building was constructed. By 2020, it’s expected the Centre will provide services to more than 4,500 children with special needs.

The Fund also supported capital improvements at the Bidassigewak Native Way School to help further its commitment to the education and transference of culture to First Nation youth. The school’s programs include traditional hide tanning, drum-making, medicine and ceremonies.

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Our 147 MW Mont Sainte-Marguerite facility provides annual payments for the municipalities of Saint-Séverin, Saint-Sylvestre and Sacré-Coeur-de-Jésus to use for the benefit of local residents. It also enjoys sponsoring events important to the local community, including the New Year’s Eve Sugarbee Weekend and Saint-Séverin Film Festival.

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Our Meikle Wind facility reached commercial operation in 2017 as the largest wind facility in British Columbia, increasing the installed wind power capacity in the province by 37%. Its community benefits program reflects Pattern Canada’s community values by supporting the Moose Lake Recreation Site, Tumbler Ridge Visitor Centre, Pat O’Reilly Outdoor and Environmental Studies Centre and Tumbler Ridge Global Geopark.

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Pattern Development

Constructing the largest First Nation wind power project

In 2014, Henvey Inlet First Nation, through its subsidiary Nigig Power Corporation, partnered with Pattern Development to jointly develop, construct, and operate the 300 MW Henvey Inlet Wind project. Henvey Inlet Wind is both the largest wind project under development in Ontario, as well as the largest First Nation wind partnership in Canada. Henvey Inlet Wind is a Pattern Energy identified ROFO project, where Pattern Energy will have the right to purchase the Pattern Development-owned portion of the project should Pattern Development decide to sell.

The one-of-a-kind venture is creating over 1,000 jobs onsite during construction and is expected to generate more than $10 million annually for the Henvey Inlet First Nation to invest in its community during facility operations.

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