Clean energy products as unique as our customers

We work in advanced, competitive markets where innovation must occur both in the field and in the office. Our fleet is built and maintained with state-of-the-art technologies, from top-tier turbines to predictive software and virtual tools. These resources pave the way to consistently deliver clean energy to our customers today, and serve as a foundation for the advanced technologies of tomorrow.


Data-driven approach to bring energy to market

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Our high-performance computing center and proprietary modeling and multi-year on-site data analytics enable our team to forecast viable wind and solar resources and design innovative, custom products combining generation, transmission, and storage capabilities.


Wind and Solar Energy

Our expertise in wind and solar energy is defined by our science-based approach to identifying patterns that unlock opportunities. The energy products we produce and sell link these opportunities to our customers’ needs and expectations. Both technologies have been undergoing a major innovation revolution, rapidly increasing efficiencies and reducing costs, making them the most competitive form of electricity generation in the world. In addition, because there is no fuel risk associated with renewables, we are able to deliver cheap, clean, reliable power to our customers at fixed prices contracted for 20+ years.


Transmission and Storage

Beyond developing and operating individual projects, we are one of the few renewable energy companies that can build large transmission lines and bundle them with solar and wind power to deliver energy across complex geographic regions and markets. Storage is another critical element of renewable deployment where technology is evolving and prices are declining. We have already begun incorporating storage into our approach for customizing blended products to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Combined Clean Energy Technologies

The technology in renewables has matured and is powering its own revolution. By combining the inexhaustible resources of wind and sun as our fuel with advanced storage and transmission, we can blend and shape our products to meet the specific needs of our customers at a competitive price.